Discover South Florida’s Unique Exotic Fish Species

South Florida boasts a myriad of exotic species, thanks to its vast network of canals and lakes. Among these, the Peacock Bass, Clown Knife Fish, and Snakeheads stand out as the area’s most popular non-native species. But the list doesn’t end there. The waters are also home to the Midas Cichlid, Mayan Cichlid, Tiger Oscar, and Jaguar Guapote.

We’ve taken the time to scout the optimal spots where you can encounter these species from your kayak. Not only are these fish a feast for the eyes with their striking beauty, but they also present a challenge with their sheer power. And what makes them even more special? You won’t find these species anywhere else in the continental U.S.

Join us for a one-of-a-kind fishing adventure and experience the thrill of reeling in these exotic beauties.


$320 for single angler.

$80 per extra angler (Max of 3 extra anglers per trip).

Trips usually last about 6 hours.

$100 deposit to reserve your spot.

LIVE BAIT: Live bait is available at the angler’s expense.

The trip will include an Old Town Predator PDL kayak. Rod and reel rigged and ready for you, but if you wish to bring your own we will rig it for you. Personal flotation device, tackle and transportation back to the launch spot. 

What to bring?:

Water and snacks. Things get wet out there, make sure any electronic devices you bring are waterproof or bring dry bags or other cases for your belongings that can’t get wet. Sun screen, sunglasses. Message us for any other questions you may have.


30 day cancellation policy to receive full refund of your deposit. If the trip needs to be cancelled due to unsafe weather you will have the option to re- schedule or receive a full refund minus processing fees.

Please Contact Us first to check availability before paying reservation.

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$320 / Once / Per Accommodation